DL Black Associates

Development Management and Planning


Our Chartered Town Planning and Chartered Management Consultancy provides independent services of the highest quality, specialising in management services for the direction and co-ordination of large complex multi-use planning and development projects.

We listen carefully to our clients needs, expectations and aspirations, and assist in the transformation of these into tangible proposals to pursue their optimum outcome through the planning process; through policy formulation, supplementary planning documents or planning applications. We ensure effective and expeditious delivery of projects from inception; through design, identification, co-ordination and assembly of the requisite supporting studies and productions; partnerships, public promotion and community involvement; negotiation and the planning process.

We identify the principal planning issues from project inception and strategy; anticipate and resolve conflicts from project design, development, planning, sustainability and environmental considerations; make constructive, creative contributions to enhance masterplans, planning application productions and supporting productions, to optimise the benefits of the project; and deliver innovative solutions to all areas of competing interests.

As we have extensive strategic and local public sector experience, we also provide a planning service for public sector policy formulation, LDF progression, Supplementary Planning Documents, strategic site and asset opportunity development co-ordination, regeneration studies, the development management process and appeals (including Advisors to Local Review Bodies) and all associated strategic and local planning authority functions.

Our aim is to make a positive sustainable contribution to the built and rural environment, which accommodates flexibility for future challenges and climate change, through the design of 21st century place-making to outlast the individual and leave a legacy for the benefit of future generations.

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